6 lyme experiences in life But #3 really shocked me


I found a tick on the back of my leg about 2 weeks ago and thought nothing of it. It was red in the area but there was no bull’s eye rash. Four days later I had severe viral symptoms; headache, fever, body aches, andsore throat. I then woke up to tingling numb fingers and severe hand painthat has increased daily. Today I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and started on antibiotics for Lyme. The test results are not in yet. My knee is also swollen and there is excess fluid in it. I think the carpal tunnel is a direct reaction to the tick bite.


My dear brother was bitten by a tick whilst working as a vehicle inspector out west. He suffered chronic fatigue and body paralysis, and it affected his brain. His skin was a greyish color. The tick left a ring and a rash on his thigh. He felt like he was out of his body. He suffered with Lyme disease for 2 years and he aged significantly. The naturopath diagnosed but doctors offered no treatment. He took his life on September 9, 2014 as he couldn’t take it anymore. He had played semi-pro golf was a successful insurance broker. The coroner has his blood, we would like it tested.


I was in 6th grade in 2002 when my mom noticed something was wrong. We didn’t know it then but my body had been trying to tell me. I was sick for months, it wasn’t until both my knees swelled up to the size of soft balls that I was taken to the doctor. One look and some short questions she realized it was water that was collecting there and she said she wanted to test me for Lyme to be sure. It came back positive, and I was given a week of antibiotics, and warned that I might have the symptoms linger for months later. That’s when we realized my strange change in my sleeping habits and my constant fatigue was a symptom. It explain why I had gotten a nasal infection, allergy attack, two colds, the stomach fluand the flu in a course of two months when I never get sick. I have developed juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, have focus problems, muscle tics, I slur my words, I’m stiff constantly, and it has all but destroyed my knees. I also have a strange menstrual cycle because of Lyme. I was never bitten by a tick though. We managed to figure out that I had been infected by a mosquito nine months earlier after I had found a strange looking bruise. I never had the bull’s eye rash. That was twelve years ago. Last summer my symptoms were getting strangely worse again. I went back to the doctor and was retested. That’s when we found out my Lyme’s was never cured the first time. Studies today show that a month of a stronger antibiotic was really needed. I am currently late stage 2, early 3, and I’m keeping steady with my symptoms. There isn’t much I can do but be careful and make sure nothing gets worse.


My wife and I were tested for Lyme disease 3 years ago and both tests came back positive. My symptoms were never as bad as my wife’s, but the doctor treated us with doxycycline for 13 months, about $3 each per month! He said that he, his wife and one daughter, also a doctor, has had Lyme. He believes a simple round of doxycycline for 13 months will totally wipe out Lyme! We are both cured as well as his family. Many doctors don’t know that a few months of antibiotics simply will not kill Lyme.


My case of Lyme disease was not diagnosed for 5 weeks. I saw three different doctors before being sent to hospital where it took another 5 days to diagnose. I had Bell’s palsy, was unsteady on my feet, had loss of feeling around my nose and mouth and got extreme fatigue. After four years my only remaining symptoms are slight numbness and thefatigue. The nerve endings have taken a long time to recover.


In late May of 1973, I noticed a bull’s eye like mark on the inside of my knee. At the age of 22 I didn’t give it much thought. Within a day or two I started feeling ill as if I had a cold. Soon after I had a fever of 104 and went to bed. I was exhausted and began sweating profusely. When I awoke the next morning my chest was covered with red blotches. After one week, when I felt good enough I went to see a doctor. He had no idea what was wrong with me accept to say that maybe I had scarlatina. There was no treatment so I went on about my life and never gave it another thought. Over the past forty-two years I have been telling doctors about this incident every time when I’ve been seen for aches, pains, tiredness, migraines, eye pain, and too many ongoing problems. Back in the 80s when Lyme disease was in the news, the doctors still never thought to test, let alone treat me for it. I finally asked a doctor if she would please test me and her response was a laugh. My eyesight continued to worsen and my pain is so debilitating at times I don’t get out of bed. Thank goodness, I get lung or sinus infections often enough that when I’m on antibiotics the pains go away. I still have no idea where to go to be tested, but at 63 it probably doesn’t matter.

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