10 Things To Avoid If You Have Chiari Malformation – Term Life

1. Sit in soft recliners with high backs and foot rests.

2. Support reading material with elbows on your knees/thighs or chair arms. Read “straight” ahead. Use book holders or music stands. Look at computer monitors straight ahead.

3. Drive if you have to but use wide vision mirrors and get seats with high backs. -Take your time and limit your driving to short distances at slow speed preferably during the day. Some Chiarians find orthopedic collars help reduce neck stress when riding in a car etc. Some do not.

4. Relax and avoid stress and noise. Don’t tighten the neck muscles. Stay “cool”.

5. Put soft cold compresses on the neck/ brain joint area or on the top of your head for about an hour while lying down (these are soft compresses). Some Chiarians prefer warm compresses.

6. Brushing teeth or gargling can result in sneezing. Minimize head motion during brushing and not bending the neck when gargling.

7. Avoid chiropractor adjustment. Most chiropractors have no experience in treating ACM’s. One member’s herniation significantly increased after cervical adjustment. “That is because the herniated went from 3-4 mm to 15-20 mm in 8 months with this treatment (documented on MRIs)”.

8. Review daily movements to include cooking and cleaning. Eliminate as much neck stress as possible.

9. Use the special tray that most beauty shops have for washing hair for people who cannot lean back on blunt sink rims. Chiarians should never lean back on the edges of sinks.

10. Do crossword puzzles to assist short- term memory retention. Ditto for playing cards.

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