Paleo vs Banting LCHF Diet

The Paleo vs low-carb (LCHF) & Banting diets are so similar in many ways, it’s pretty confusing telling them apart.

For instance Tim Noakes, who is a staunch supporter of the Banting diet, has taken a barrage of criticism for his “new” LCHF diet (inspired by William Banting’s low-carb diet) which is strange as it is not that much different from that of the well known Paleo diet which is arguably the most biologically suitable diet for the human body.

Not being allowed sugars, legumes, grains or diary on Paleo naturally makes it a low-carb diet which is much the same as Banting.

Furthermore, many of the dramatic health improvements people have reported from following the Paleo diet plan are not unlike those reports received from people who have drastically reduced the amount of carbohydrate they eat by following the Banting diet.

So what exactly is the difference between these two ways of eating?

Difference Between Paleo & Banting, Low Carb Diet

Low-Carb (Banting) Paleo
Overview No carbohydrate or sugars – only natural, unprocessed food Pre agriculture foods, so non neolithic foods
Dairy YES NO
Sugar NO NO
Fruit NO but apples & berries in moderation YES up to 3 servings a day of organic products
Vegetables YES but not those grown below ground YES all but preferably organic
Meat Any grass fed meat Including the fatty ones Any grass fed meat
Fish YES especially the oily types which are rich in Omega-3 YES especially the oily types which are rich in Omega-3
Grains NO NO
Fat YES all animal fats & non-seed oils (no vegetable oils) YES all animal fats & non-seed oils (no vegetable oils)
Nuts YES all nuts excluding peanuts & cashews YES all nuts excluding peanuts which are legumes
Alcohol YES but only dry white or red wine NO

As you can see from the above table, the Paleo diet does not differ greatly from the Banting/Tim Noakes LCHF diet.Which is better, Paleo or Low-Carb Diet

The most glaring difference is dairy which Banting & Professor Tim Noakes encourages but is not allowed on the Paleo diet.

It should be noted that with the Paleo diet, although recorded as “NO”, you are allowed certain “forbidden” items in moderation such as diary & alcohol.

Both diets agree on the issue of grains which are strictly forbidden as our bodies are not genetically adapted to eating grains, legumes or vegetable oils which are inflammatory & could be responsible for heart disease.

PS. Losing Weight Is More About Hunger Control & Not Portion Control

  • One of the greatest benefits of the low-carb Paleo styled diet is that you can basically eat as much as you like with little danger of over eating…
  • …this is because 100% Paleo meals, like Banting meals, are non-addictive and will leave you feeling satisfied & satiated without wanting more or still feeling hungry which helps you to control your hunger naturally.
  • This is exactly the opposite reaction many people get from eating non-Paleo, non-Banting foods as they generally consist of processed, sugary foods which are addictive always leaving you wanting more.

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