My Top Keto Tips I have learned along the way

Most importantly- focus on increasing fat & reducing carbs. It took me awhile to figure this out. I was eating lots of protein & less carb (which is still GOOD) but not enough fat. I find things move quicker for me if I focus more on the fat than the protein.

Calories DO still matter! (maybe just not as much) I have found that I can eat 1200 cals on a low cal high carb diet and lose no weight or even gain weight. However, I can eat 1500 cals on keto and lose weight consistently. I cannot eat 2000+ cals on keto and still lose weight consistently. So you do have to find your right balance.

Do NOT exercise until your body has fully adjusted to keto. OR If exercise is causing you to justify overeating or “carbing up” then STOP doing it. In the scheme of things diet is #1, exercise is #2. I do believe that the exercise actually helps in my overall mental and physical states but keeping my diet in check is more important.

Binge eating is still unhealthy There will be some “keto friendly” foods that trigger you to overeat/binge (quest bars & nuts for me). Even though its keto doesn’t mean its okay. Buy them in small quantities, hide them, freeze them, bury them in the back yard. Just keep an eye out for them because binge eating is still not okay.

Weight loss may not be consistent but don’t give up Keto is great in you usually see results immediately. But if you look at my weight graph it looks like steps over time. Lose, even out, lose, even out. I find this is actually a good thing and helps to keep the weight off long term.

All my former excuses (my personal ones) that I have proven to be invalid – I am a vegetarian, I have hypothyroid (and my body wants to be fat), I live with people who are not keto, I have kids who I have to cook for that are not keto (I LITERALLY have BREAD & MUFFINS in my hands daily agggh), my cholesterol is a problem (at my last check, my healthy cholesterol is so high my endo was shocked)

Don’t listen to haters Haters gonna hate.

Edit: my secret dehydration killer is magnesium. I am NOT a doctor so use caution but I find that I can use magnesium like advil when I’m feeling dehydrated/keto-fluish . I take one that has about 25% of the daily recommendation. I also take it at night & it helps hugely for constipation also.

Edit 2: my weight loss over 5 years for the interested. Here is my weight graph. Imgur it looks more like a very scary roller coaster than stairs. But reality is that there ARE ups and downs and you can’t beat yourself up over it!

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