Mom Begs Interent to Find Blanket For Her Autistic Son- Psychology Courses Online

When Autistic Boy’s Favorite Blanket Is Reduced to Shreds, His Mother Made a Desperate Online Plea

At a baby shower three years ago, Crystal Eldridge received a blue plush blanket with trucks on it. When her son, Parker, was born, she learned just how important this blanket would be.

Parker is autistic, and the baby shower gift is his security blanket.

“With autism and sensory sensitivity, he becomes very fixated on objects. This blanket has been a soothing tool for him,” she told TODAY Parents.

Parker adores it so much that the blanket has started to thin and rip, and Crystal was worried about finding a replacement.

Eldridge searched online for the same blanket, but had no luck. Eventually she reached out to viral star Christine Blackmon. Christine is known for a photo she released in response to model Dani Matherstaking photos of another gym member and making nasty comments about the woman’s body on social media.

Christine runs a Facebook community called Delicate Flowers, and she posted a photo of Eldrige’s plea for help.

Blackmon has a stepson with autism, so she knows the struggle of raising a child with special needs. And, fortunately, two of her readers came through.

Traci Slatten, a Texas mom with an autistic child, saw Blackmon’s post and shared it with a local parenting group. A woman named Esmerelda Flores-Diaz stepped forward and gave up her blanket for Parker.

Another mother in Florida, Colleen Bethel, also saw Backmon’s post and shared it on Facebook. A daycare teacher responded to Bethel’s post and donated hers as well.

Crystal says Parker can’t tell the difference between the three blankets, and Mom can rest easy now that Parker has not one, but two backups.

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